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Jamie Moyer Isn't Done Pitching Yet; Quite Possibly a Robot

Most of the time when you see a 49-year-old golfing mid-week at Lake Tahoe you assume one of two things: either that person is on vacation; or that person struck it big and is retired.

In the case of Jamie Moyer, he did strike it big. But he isn't retired yet. Moyer last pitched for the Colorado Rockies on May 16, recording a win as the oldest pitcher in the history of the game. The Rockies cut him, but Moyer says he isn't quite finished yet.

Moyer says he's not done yet

"I'm not retired. I'm not retired," he said Wednesday at a news conference at the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament at Lake Tahoe, Nev. "I'm just kind of laying in the weeds and just trying to figure out what's going on."

Moyer pitched in minor league stints with both Baltimore Orioles and the Toronto Blue Jays before the Blue Jays cut him before the all-star break.