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Mike Zunino Is Better Than a Lot of Guys That Won't Make Majors

To rate a prospect, one can not ignore the competition that he faces. However if we did ignore it, Mike Zunino might be the best hitter in the minor leagues this week.

Just weeks ago, Zunino was playing in another College World Series and named the top amateur baseball player in the country. Today, he's a professional baseball player for the Everett Aquasox in a league that's five rings below the majors. It's not hard to see why this might be too easy for him.

Zunino was 3-for-4 on Tuesday night against Salem-Keizer with two home runs, giving him three dingers in the last two nights. Just four days into his pro career, Zunino looks poised to move up a level and try some tougher competition on for size.

It's hard to say exactly when Zunino will move up and where he'll start next season, but he's definitely on the fast track as of tonight. Unlike most of the pitchers that he's dominating.