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Franklin Gutierrez Hopefully On Track to Return Soon

Concussions are a nasty thing, and unlike in the NFL where the league lets them run rampant, the MLB and baseball teams in general take them a bit more seriously.

Franklin Gutierrez was hit in the head on a pick-off attempt by Boston Red Sox pitcher Franklin Morales on June 29th and has been on the DL ever since. Guti finally took batting practice for the first time today and Eric Wedge cautiously said that it could be pretty soon when he returns to action.

Wells making most of starting opportunities | News

What we want to do is assess where he's at Thursday," Wedge said. "I don't want to get ahead of myself."

It remains to be seen who will bite the bullet in playing time as Casper Wells has been playing with quite the nice bat recently, something the Mariners can very obviously use as much as possible of.