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Marshawn Lynch Arrest: Seahawks RB Might Or Might Not Be Charged In Court Or Suspended By NFL

What most Seattle Seahawks fans are wondering about in the wake of the Marshawn Lynch arrest is how deep his punishment will be. Will he earn a substantial suspension? Or will he get off with a smaller suspension or even warning on the issue?

It's not exactly the simplest of situations regarding Lynch because he's been punished for multiple transgressions that run across different codes of conduct. Albert Breer of has more.

Of course, things get a little bit clearer for Lynch if he manages to get out of court, which could still very well happen if no charges are brought against him. Tim Booth of the Associated Press has more.

Teresa Drenick, director of communications for the Alameda County district attorney's office, said Lynch was scheduled for an Aug. 14 preliminary court appearance and that any decision on charging Lynch will be made by then.

Drenick said the office has yet to receive the police report from the CHP.

The Lynch situation thus remains very fluid. If he gets charged, he probably earns a suspension, although we're not sure of the length. But he also might not get suspended if the league believes this is a first-time punishment rather than a series of reckless transgressions.

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