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NBA In Seattle: Public Hearing On Sonics Arena Thursday Night

After what figured to be a straightforward march to a new NBA arena, the city of Seattle has stepped up to try and halt production on this new project. How far will they go? It looks as if the project could very well be forestalled if the City Council doesn't alter their current positions on the subject. The City Council appears to be very concerned about how much public funding is going into the new arena and whether the city will actually have to provide a lot of public investment that the Sonics will not eventually pay out to the city down the line. These concerns have been repudiated by Chris Hansen, but it appears the City Council seems to be set in its way.

A crucial public hearing appears to be on its way. Find out more information on the meeting via their Facebook event.

Location: Seattle City Hall - 600 Fourth Ave, First floor, Bertha Knight Landes Room.

Time: Thursday, 5 PM

This could be a critical moment for the future of an NBA arena in stadium. One will have to wait and see what exactly happens here.