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Oregon Ducks New Football Facility Not Equipped With Chip Kelly Hot Tub

When you think of the Oregon Ducks, you think of their decrepit athletic facilities and their lack of big-monied donors to help support the team. So that's why this new state-of-the-art $68 million operations center for Oregon football will be such a necessary boon.

One of the most important parts of the whole deal appears to be some brand-spanking new perks for head coach Chip Kelly. Diane Deitz of the Register-Guard files this report.

Blueprints submitted by the builders to the city of Eugene show that the new complex will continue the trend of jaw-dropping, donor-funded opulence set by previous Duck athletics construction projects. The new center will, for example, feature nine dedicated classrooms, each for a single key position on the football team, from quarterback to inside linebacker.

Football coach Chip Kelly will have a private hot tub next to his office with a waterproofed video center, so he can watch games while taking a soak.

Sadly, it looks as if this little bit will be scrapped from the project.

Awww. The mental image of Kelly laying back and enjoying the latest gamefilm in his personal hot tub is ... uh ... never mind, maybe this isn't the worst thing in the world. I'm guessing even Kelly has to feel like this would've been a little bit too excessive, right along with Jim Harbaugh's spectacular toilet.

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