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Chip Kelly Running With The Bulls At Pamplona [PHOTO]

Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly is always on the cutting edge of football technology. Here we see him overseas in Spain doing some early scouting for next season. Check the image after the jump of Kelly doing his thing to help Oregon football improve for the next iteration of great Duck athletes.

Well, we can figure a multitude of reason as to what the Chipper is doing here.

1) Determining a new practice arrangement that will have his football players outracing mechanical (but hyper-juiced) bulls in practice. If you don't outrace them, you get horned! All in a good day's work.

2) Scouting bulls, seeing how well they compare to the USC defensive line. Making the proper schematic adjustments to ensure he can read the three technique steer.

With Leach killing bears and Kelly outrunning bulls, it truly seems like a good time to be on the Pac-12 coaching market.

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