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The Real Rob Report Hits The ESPYs' Red Carpet

Seattle Seahawks running back Michael Robinson took "The Real Rob Report" to the ESPYs' Red Carpet on Wednesday night.

Usually set in the Seahawks' locker room, this episode of The Real Rob Report showed fans and viewers interactions with several of Robinson's NFL colleagues. Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs and Buffalo Bills quarterback Vince Young are just two of the handful of athletes and sports figures Robinson interviewed on the red carpet.

See the latest episode of The Real Rob Report after the jump.

ESPYS Red Carpet Highlights w/ Real Rob Report (via RealRobReport)

Besides getting Suggs and Young to say positive things about CenturyLink Field, the best part of the episode might have been Robert Griffin III's quick walk-by. Robinson is experiencing the same problem all reporters face: getting athletes to talk to them. Welcome to the media Rob.

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