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Brandon Roy Extended Interview With KJR In Seattle

Earlier, we gave you a segment of the Brandon Roy interview with 950 KJR, and today we further delve into the transcript courtesy of Sports Radio Interviews.

Roy touches on several subjects in this interview. One of those topics is the issue of why he retired in the first place if he wasn't sure if he was done playing basketball.

When I went down there to get my physical with the team doctor and trainers they thought it would be in my best interest to maybe stop playing basketball. They just thought my knees were, they weren’t done at that moment but they thought they were progressively getting worse. It was something that really concerned me so I ended up talking with my wife and talking with the team and we just tried to figure out the best way going forward. It was a difficult situation.

Another of the questions discussed the process that made him reconsider coming back and playing the game he loved.

The number one thing that happened was rest. I’ve really had over a year of just resting because after the season ended I didn’t play much basketball and coming back last year, after having two knee surgeries, I was really discouraged because I was trying to play and my will wanted me to do more and it was just too hard after having two knee surgeries mid-season.

Now that he's back, how much will he end up playing with the team who signed him, the Minnesota Timberwolves?

Right now I’m just going to approach things as if, I told Coach Adelman I’m ready to go and it may be in the long-term’s best interest if I’m not a 38 minute guy but I’m looking forward to it.

The team he originally was drafted by, the Portland Trail Blazers, are off limits to him for a few more years.

With the amnesty rule I’m not allowed to go back to Portland until I think 2014 or 15 so it was never an option.

You can listen to the full audiocast here or click here for the full transcript.

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