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Brandon Roy: 'Ready To Play At A High Level'

Former Huskies star Brandon Roy is making a comeback after retiring from the Blazers due to his surgically repaired knees, signing a two-year deal reportedly worth $10.8 million with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Roy, who says he's ready to play at a high level, will team up with the rising star Kevin Love and reinvent himself as one of the finest comeback stories in recent history.

He chatted with Seattle radio station 950 AM KJR a little bit and had this to say about the blood drawing procedure that appears to be essential to his return:

"It's something where they draw my blood, they spin it, they pull some different things out of it [and] they inject it right back into the joint," he explained. "It was five shots. It was on each of my knees. Ever since then, it feels great. I was smiling going in there to get the next one and I don't really like getting shots. I was so excited about how I was feeling, it was like the first day of school for me."

Nate McMIllan spoke with Blazers Edge and said he was surprised by Roy's comeback, but then again, he's surprised his former shooting guard retired in the first place.

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