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Seattle Arena Rally: Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp Expected To Attend Event

The city of Seattle is hungry to get a basketball franchise back in their city. And if the loss of the Sonics wasn't bad enough, it sure can't be easy watching the Oklahoma City Thunder advance to the NBA Finals this week with a team that mostly played in Seattle a few years ago.

Next Thursday, June 14, a very large and rowdy rally will be held in the city to help drum up some momentum for bringing an NBA team to town. There will be quite a few big names in attendance, including two beloved SuperSonics from back in the day.

Here is the latest from Tim Booth of the Associated Press.

Fans will always love 'The Glove' for his play on the court, and Kemp was one of the most productive and exciting players in Seattle NBA history. A ton of folks are expected to attend the rally next week and two iconic figures such as these two will only increase the excitement level.

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