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Oklahoma Governor Declares Thunder To Be America's Team

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Which team in the NBA is America's team? Is it the Boston Celtics? Or maybe the New York Knicks? Perhaps, even the Los Angeles Lakers can be considered America's team. Would any reasonable basketball fan even mention the Oklahoma City Thunder in this debate?

Well, there is one person in this world who believes the Thunder is America's team, and that person is none other than Oklahoma's governor, Mary Fallin. The biased governor said the Oklahoma City Thunder are "America's Team," in a New York Times article published on Thursday.

Of course, a team that exists for four years and whose entire history is stolen/taken from a time in another city can be considered America's team. While the label itself is vague, it is safe to say most NBA fans do not think the Thunder are anything close to being "America's Team." Either way, Seattle sports fans should start growing more accustomed to seeing a lot of Thunder news — and some will contain ridiculous and over-the-top quotes like this particular one.

(h/t Bob Condotta)