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Franklin Gutierrez 4-for-12 with Tacoma So Far

It’s only been four games, but did you notice that Franklin Gutierrez is playing baseball again? “Death to Flying Things” and "Death to Healthy Things,’ Gutierrez played in only 92 games last season and hit .224/.261/.273 with one home run while still seemingly recovering from an intestinal problem that was so bad, you’d be craving Taco Bell as relief.

Somebody give me a drumroll… please!

Now recovering from a foot injury, Gutierrez hasn’t played in a major league game since September 4th of last season. He has now returned to playing action and has gone 4-for-12 (three singles and a double) with four walks and two strikeouts with the Tacoma Rainiers.

Gutierrez is expected to be one a 20-day rehab assignment, meaning that if all goes well, he’ll be back with the Mariners around June 23rd.

Starting in his place has been Michael Saunders, who is hitting .258/.332/.430 in 54 games. Saunders is hitting .433/.469/.667 with a home run and four doubles in his last seven games and seems to potentially be coming around for the first time after previously being the Mariners top prospect three years ago.

The Rainiers lost 8-1 to Sacramento today.