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NBA Draft Grades: Terrence Ross, Tony Wroten Selections Earn Mixed Reviews

The Washington Huskies were represented well in the first round of the 2012 NBA Draft with Terrence Ross and Tony Wroten, two players taken with the first 25 picks. Despite the early selections, a few of the scouting gurus around the league were not crazy about the drafts of the team they were taken by.

We'll take a look at what one expert had to say after the jump.

Ross was taken No. 8 overall by the Toronto Raptors, who received a 'C+' grade on draft night from Chad Ford.

The Raptors had a disappointing night. They were hoping that either Waiters or Barnes would be there, but when both were taken, I think the Raptors might have reached a bit.

I like Ross, and on certain teams I would've liked him a lot. But I don't think either he or DeMar DeRozan are small forwards. Ross does bring the shooting DeRozan lacks, but it would've been nice if the Raptors could have found help at either the 1 or 3. Given how badly the Rockets wanted into the Top 10 (they were after Drummond and Rivers), I think I would've swapped this one for a few picks from Houston. They still could've landed Ross and picked up another asset as well.

As for the Wroten pick, he was the only selection of the Grizzlies. They got a 'B' for the pick.

Analysis: I have to confess that I secretly am pulling for Wroten Jr. On potential, he's one of the five or six most talented players in this draft. If he ever gets it, he'll be one of the most exciting players in the league to watch. He is a dynamic passer, can get to the basket at will and has elite size and athletic ability for his position. His recklessness on the court, his horrific shooting and his questionable leadership skills caused his stock to tank, but if he ever settles down and gets even a passable jumper like Rondo has developed, he will be the steal of the draft.

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