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Seahawks Expect Chris Clemons At Training Camp, Per Report

Apart from the obvious and conspicuous quarterback competition that awaits the Seattle Seahawks at the end of July as training camp begins, the other main storyline to watch will be Chris Clemons and his contract mini-holdout and negotiations. The situation hasn't yet reached full 'hold-out' status and that probably wouldn't even be possible until well past training camp has ended, but the team and fans alike have reason to be concerned that the two sides could remain at a stalemate even into the season.

But, as ProFootballWeekly reports,

"[The Seahawks] totally expect him to show up for training camp," said one team insider of Clemons, who opted to skip the team's mandatory minicamp and bite the bullet to the tune of $73,000 in fines and a forfeited $100,000 workout bonus. "But they also thought he was going to show up for the mandatory minicamp, and that didn't happen, so ...

"But I really think he'll show up for camp, whether he's signed a new deal or not."

Clemons is looking for a contract extension after two straight seasons with 11 sacks. He enters the final year of his deal on the heels of the Seahawks' decision to draft a pass rushing defensive end in Bruce Irvin, but both sides know that the Seahawks are better off with both players rushing the quarterback in 2012. How soon they come to an agreement remains up in the air, but here's to hoping Clemons doesn't skip training camp and fall behind in his training.

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