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Oregon's Ashton Eaton Named USATF Athlete Of The Week

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University of Oregon graduate Ashton Eaton has had himself quite the week at the 2012 Olympic Track and Field Trails this week, shattering the world record in the decathlon down in Eugene on Saturday. For his efforts the United States Track and Field team (USATF) has named him their athlete of the week.

Eaton beat the previous record but 13 points, scoring 9,039 points compared to the the previous record of 9,026 points set by the Czech Republic's Roman Sebrle way back in 2001. Eaton needed to finish better than 4:16.23 in the 1500m to capture record, and made sure to make the most of his chances:

"I felt in the moment," Eaton said in a post-event press conference. "I knew there was maybe not another opportunity to make this count."

This marked the fifth time an American set a decathlon world record at the U.S. Olympic Trials. Bruce Jenner was the last to accomplish it in 1976. Both Jenner and fellow former record holder Dan O'Brien greeted Eaton at the finish line.

Eaton also set two individual event decathlon world records with a 10.21 second finish in the100m while leaping to a 8.23m/27-0 in the long jump. Most impressive indeed.

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