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NBA in Seattle: The Times Interview Ownership Group Member Peter Nordstrom

It was recently disclosed that the Nordstrom brothers, Peter and Erik, are now part of the ownership group that is headed by San Francisco hedge-fund manager Christopher Hansen, and aims to bring an NBA, and possibly an NHL franchise back to Seattle. The Nordstroms have been a Seattle fixture for some time, both through their department stores and as former part-owners of the Seahawks and Sonics, and when paired with Steve Ballmer, they represent a solid, local nucleus that could provide stability for a franchise, were one to be available for purchase in the near future.

The Seattle Times caught up with Peter Nordstrom on Tuesday, and the local businessman had some interesting things to say about the possible return of the Sonics, their departure several years ago, the ownership of the Seahawks during the 70's and 80's, and more.

Amy Martinez starts with the most pressing question:

Q: What's your interest in bringing an NBA team back to Seattle?

Nordstrom: I think it's two things. It's a personal interest in the subject. I'm a fan. It was pretty heartbreaking to me when the team left. And it makes me feel badly that the team left while I was involved in it.

If I could be in a position to bring it back, that's something I'm interested in. Beyond that, it just seems like it would be a really good community asset.

See the rest of the interview at the Seattle Times.

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