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BCS Dead, Four-Team College Football Playoff On Its Way

The BCS is dead, as a four team college football playoff is headed our way.

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The BCS is on its way out. A four-team college football playoff is on its way.

Here are the specifics.

Starting in the 2014 season, a selection committee will determine the top four teams in college football. The criteria that will end up being used involves conference champions and strength of schedule.

The top four teams will end up in a playoff. The number one team faces the number four team, the number two team faces the number three team, and so on and so forth.

For Pac-12 members, the Rose Bowl will be in play as either a semifinal site or a likely bowl spot if they don't make the four-team playoff.

Talk about the playoff with fans of local teams like UW Dawg Pound (Washington), CougCenter (Washington State), Addicted to Quack (Oregon) and Building the Dam (Oregon State).

Check out the SB Nation college football YouTube channel to see what you'd be willing to subscribe to the videos.