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Olympic 2012 Qualifiers: Results of the Track & Field Events

Unfortunately, on what was probably the biggest day of its fledgling internet career, the USA Track & Field website went down which made it pretty tough to follow who was winning unless you were tuned in. Here is a quick rundown on the results of the final events that happened today:

Women's Triple Jump: Amanda Smoke - 13.94 meters

Men's Javelin: Sam Humphreys - 81.86 meters

Women's 800-meter Run: Alysia Montano - 1:59.08

Men's 800-meter Run: Nicholas Symmonds - 1:43.92

Competition resumes on Thursday, June 28th at 3:50 P.M. with the preliminary women's 1500-meter run.

For lots more information regarding the 2012 Summer Games, please visit SB Nation's dedicated Olympics hub.