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Ryan Lochte Beats Michael Phelps In Qualifiers, Both Advance to Olympics

Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps are two of the world's top swimmers, and up until tonight they have never faced off against each other. Phelps stepped away from the 400 IM after the Bejing Olympics, and Lochte stepped in as the reigning champion in the race in 2009 and 2011. Lochte was favored to win the qualifier, in which the top two finishers would advance to the London Olympics.

Tyler Clarey led halfway through the race until Lochte and Phelps overtook him during the breaststroke. Lochte was a full-body length ahead of Phelps going into the final freestroke and coasted to victory on the final lap.

It was the fastest time ever for Lochte in the medley as he finished with a final time of 4:07:06. Phelps came in second place with a time of 4:07:89. The two swimmers will go on to compete in the later this summer. Phelps also became the first male swimmer to make four Olympic teams.