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Jared Cunningham Selected No. 37 To The Toronto Raptors In ESPN Mock Draft

With the NBA Draft right around the corner, the mock drafts are becoming that much more extensive. Instead of just the first round picks and the guys on the fringe of the first round, guys like ESPN's Chad Ford are going the whole nine yards and producing full mock drafts of both rounds of the draft.

So welcome to the world of mock drafts, Jared Cunningham.

Some questioned whether or not the Oregon State shooting guard should have come out early, especially with it now looking like a long shot that he ends up in the first round. But that doesn't mean that his game is looked at in a negative light among NBA circles. Here's what Ford had to say as he placed Cunningham at no. 37 overall to the Toronto Raptors.

Many scouts believe Cunningham could be the true sleeper of this draft. He's an elite athlete who flies up and down the floor. If he can make the transition to point guard, he could be a sort of poor man's Russell Westbrook.

Comparisons to an All-NBA performer and an NBA Finals participant? That's never a bad thing. We'll see if any of it comes to fruition.