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Sidney Rice Injury Update: Seahawks Wide Receiver "Feeling Better...Getting Stronger Every Day"

Sidney Rice had a tear in his right labrum that impaired his playing ability for much of the 2011 season, and while doctors examined that injury they discovered another tear in his left shoulder. That led to two surgeries during the off season, from which Rice is now recovering. Rice is recovering well, as he told the team's official website (via Pro Football Talk):

“I’m feeling pretty good,” he said, shrugging his shoulders and then lifting both arms. “I’m going to continue this rehab and get back out as soon as possible.

“I’m feeling better and better every day, and getting stronger every day.”

Rice places the blame for his troubles in the 2011 season with concussions, not his shoulders, but recognizes the importance of functional shoulders to the game of football:

“Basically, yeah, because you need those shoulders to get up in the air,” he said. “You fall on the ground a lot. Things like that. So you want your shoulders to be stable and in place.”

Seahawks fans that Rice will be ready for the 2012 season, and that stable shoulders will allow him to do a lot more than fall on the ground.

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