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Ranking The PAC-12's Non-Conference Football Schedules

With the NBA and NHL Finals now over, and baseball in the heart of its season, the next event to look forward to on the sports calendar is the start of football season. That means a summer full of previews and analysis of the upcoming season.

The Sporting News has been taking a look at the non-conference schedules of all the BCS conferences, and today they previewed our beloved PAC-12.

USC was ranked highest in terms of strongest out-of-conference schedule. How did the four PNW schools rank out? Let's have a look:

2. Oregon State: Nicholls State, Wisconsin, at BYU

5. Washington: San Diego State, at LSU, Portland State

10. Washington State: at BYU, Eastern Washington, at UNLV

12. Oregon: Arkansas State, Fresno State, Tennessee Tech

Statistically speaking, four schools do not play a non-conference game against an opponent from a BCS conference - Utah, Washington State, Colorado and Oregon.

One school, Arizona State plays two games against BCS conference schools - Illinois and Missouri.

USC, UCLA and Stanford are the only schools who do not play a game against an FCS school.

These rankings and stats should provide some good debate material between the conference's fan bases - until the next set comes out.


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