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Third Quarter Update: "Put 'Em In A Body Bag!"

After a nice run to start the second half and pull within five, the Thunder have been absolutely manhandled by the Heat. You guys remember the Lion King? Remember the wildebeest stampede, the one that killed Mufasa and almost killed Simba? That's what the last ten minutes of the game have felt like -- an unending, reprieve-less onslaught with enough malicious intent to not only win this game, but loosen the very rivets that hold the Thunder's souls in check.

At this point, Oklahoma City is trying to crawl their bloody way out of a street beatdown but LeBron and Co keep grabbing them by the ankles and dragging them back into the scrum. It's time for the Miami PD to break out the chalk outlines and start dusting for prints.

Miami is clearly not content to just let the clock wind down. No, they're playing the third quarter like the Thunder just slapped their mama. They're using sledgehammers to drive the nails into the coffin tonight.

The Miami Heat are winning by a lot, is my point.