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Matt Hasselbeck Downplays Being A Saints Bounty Target

Former Seattle Seahawks and current Tennessee Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck had been named (as many of his other NFL counterparts) on the New Orleans Saints list of targets as part of their bounty scandal, though as he told TitanInsider, it really didn't faze him or his preparations coming into a meeting with a Gregg Williams defense.

Make the jump to see what Hasselbeck had to say.

"It's an aggressive style of defense and they're known for their exotic blitz packages and getting hits on the quarterback," Hasselbeck said. "I think every time you play those guys that's what you expect. When he (Gregg Williams) was in Washington it was the same kind of thing. They were a tough team to prepare for."

"We played them this year and it was the same thing. That really wasn't what my focus was, my focus was on finding to pick on them in terms of educated guessing - I think they do a really nice job of educated guessing for blitzes," he said. "They're very well-coached....we needed to find ways to take advantage of the aggressive plays they like to make."

Along with Mike Williams and Marshawn Lynch, Hasselbeck had a mark on his back in the 2010 playoffs. Seattle won their matchup with the Saints 41-36, thanks largely in part to Lynch's now historic 'beast mode' run.

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