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Washington AD Says Tosh Lupoi Violation "Not That Big Of A Deal"

On Thursday, the University of Washington confirmed that Tosh Lupoi had been limited during the recent spring recruiting period due to a secondary NCAA violation he had committed by publicizing a recruits' visit to the student spirit group, The Dawg Pack.

On Friday, CBSSports' college football blogger, Bryan Fischer, caught up with Washington athletic director Scott Woodward at the PAC-12 meetings in San Diego and asked Woodward about the incident.

"I sign secondary violations on a weekly basis," Woodward said. "It is what it is, a self-reported, self-imposed secondary violation. You guys make a big deal about it because it's Tosh Lupoi, but it's not that big of deal to us. Secondary violations are taken seriously by us, but it's not like he's in line for a death row sentence."

Lupoi came to Washington with much fanfare, after earning a reputation as one of the top recruiters in college football during his time as an assistant with the Cal Golden Bears.

Lupoi reportedly signed a three year/$350,000 per year deal and received a bonus of $100,000 to join the Huskies' staff.


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