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Seattle Seahawks Mentioned As Targets Of New Orleans Saints' Bounty Program

It seems like everyone has their own special role in the black eye that is the New Orleans Saints' bounty program, and that includes the Seattle Seahawks.

On Monday, league officials produced some of their evidence against the four players who were suspended for their roles in the bounty program and the Seahawks were mentioned among the targets, according to The Associated Press.

Prior to the Seahawks beating the Saints, 41-36, in a 2011 playoff game, a computer slide was created with photos of then-quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, wide receiver Mike Williams and running back Marshawn Lynch with the words: "Now it's time to do our job. Collect bounty $$$! No apologies. Let's go hunting" printed on it. Needless to say the tactic backfired as they went home with an L as well as incurred the four suspensions.

The evidence presented included handwritten notes, documents from the Saints' computer system and witness testimony, according to the AP.

It's just all bad all around for the Saints. At least, the Seahawks got a playoff win out of it.