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Danny Hultzen to Start Southern League All-Star Game, Then Should Exit Southern League Promptly

Danny Hultzen’s last start in the Southern League might just come in today’s All-Star game (4:15 PST start time) and that would be the second best way his run in AA could end. The best way, of course, would be if it had ended three weeks ago.

Hultzen has laughed in the faces of all AA batters this season and despite how low his ERA is, it continues to get lower with every start since he hasn’t allowed an earned run since May 23rd. That’s almost a month, folks. He’s like the minor league version of R.A. Dickey!

Wait, wait, come back. That’s a compliment now.

Hultzen now boasts an ERA of 1.19 with his 8-3 record and 79 strikeouts in 75.1 innings. Whether it be in AAA or the majors, Hultzen has no business at this level anymore.

It wasn’t long ago that Hultzen was considered an overdraft with the number two overall pick, a “number three starter” ceiling that would be too expensive and didn’t have the kind of “stuff” you’d expect from a guy drafted over Trevor Bauer and Dylan Bundy. Well, maybe he’s not Bundy, the Orioles uber-prospect and probably the top prospect in baseball, but Hultzen has carved himself out quite the career thus far and silenced many of the doubters for now, dominating AA competition and starting the All-Star game.

Let’s just hope it’s his last AA start.

Joining Hultzen today are: Taijuan Walker, Denny Almonte batting leadoff, Nick Franklin hitting third, Jesus Sucre hitting fifth, Joe Dunigan, and Carter Capps.