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206 Clicks: Erik Folk Joins The Atlanta Falcons

Seattle Mariners 1, Arizona Diamondbacks 7 [box]: An uneventful game happened in Phoenix on Monday night. Hector Noesi pitched like Hector Noesi and gave up five earned runs. The Mariners offense played like the Mariners offense and only produced one run. Overall, the Mariners played like the Mariners and they lost. The season continues. Next game: Tuesday, Mariners (29-40) vs. D-backs (33-34), 6:40 p.m. PT, 12.5 games back.

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  • BREAKING NEWS: The Seattle Times published two articles that supported the new Sonics arena. Economic Columnist Jon Talton says "It would be a shame to once again shoot ourselves in the foot," if the city ends up turning down this deal. Guest editorial writer Dwight Dively, a King County budget director, says the arena proposal "protects the public's interests."
  • Slipper Still Fits breaks down Gonzaga's strengths and weaknesses at the small forward position.