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NBA Finals: Game Two Live-Blog -- Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder (Final Four Minutes of 4th Quarter)

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This is setting up to be a remarkable finish. I'm gonna stay with you on this update until the end of the 4th.

With the score 92-86, Miami, Shane Battier gets called for a foul after Kevin Durant's miss had already been rebounded and dribbled twice in the other direction. Now 94-89 with 2:30 left, the constant double-teaming of LeBron James has confounded him and his teammates. LeBron is eager to pass out of the double, but the Thunder are getting back into position immediately after he does, making everyone else's shots tough too.

Oh damn! With Kevin Durant challenging LeBron in transition, his missed lay-in was slammed home by Russell Westbrook in a remarkable display of athleticism. What Nate Robinson is capable of in an empty gym, Russell Westbrook does with two people guarding him. Incredible explosiveness at the rim. Miami's resulting three-point lead is the smallest since it was 6-2 in the first quarter.

1:47 left, Durant and Westbrook have combined for 20 4th-quarter points so far, while James and Dwyane Wade only have five. I'm still convinced that nary a butt has touched a seat since tip-off and, as much as I hate admitting it, the Thunder crowd is deafening to the point that the announcers are practically shouting to call the game.

Sensational 15-foot bank shot by LeBron stretches it back to five. At some point he's going to need to start challenging the double-teams instead of passing out of it every time. That said, it's another 30-point game for LBJ, his fifth straight in this postseason.

Right now, an out-of-bounds call originally ruled in OKC's favor is being reviewed with Miami up five and 1:11 left on the clock. This is gonna a huge call...

Refs give it to the Heat.

Terrific drive by Wade off of a James screen, drew the help defense, then dumped it to Chris Bosh for a dunk. Seven point lead after Miami's "Big Three" show laudable teamwork down the stretch.

Seven points in 53 seconds is a supremely tall order, but perhaps no team in the league has a better shot at it than the Thunder. And as soon as I finish typing that, Durant knifes to the rim for a point-blank bucket. Five point game with 48 to go.

Steal by Fisher, pass to Durant, three is good. Good grief!

This game, you guys. Thunder with the rebound after a James miss. Timeout taken. 13 seconds left, Thunder down by two. I mean, you guys... just, I don't know. I don't know what to say.

Durant drives baseline, shoots with nine seconds left, and misses. Upon replay, Durant has a case for having been fouled by James. LeBron grabs the board and is fouled. He'll head to the line where he's 10-10.

Make that 12-12. Four point game. If this lead holds, the LeBron haters are gonna have to work real hard to find a foothold. Define clutch however you want to.

Desperation three by Westbrook goes clank, and the Miami Heat have evened up the series by stealing Game Two. It's now 1-1 with three of the remaining five games scheduled to be played in South Beach.

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