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NBA Finals: Game Two Live-Blog -- Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder

LeBron James is quietly having a remarkable game. His line isn't anything that leaps out of the box score (10 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist, 1 steal), but his impact has been felt on every plank in the floor. He's making life hellish for Kevin Durant (3-9 shooting), has his hand in seemingly every passing lane, and is involved in every transitional possession, even if it's just to create space for the ball-handler.

Hustle is the one aspect of James' game that so often gets over-looked. Back when he played in Cleveland and everyone loved him, he made a bit of a name for himself defensively with a number of chase-down blocks. He hasn't had nearly as many of those since joining the Heat, but the Heat don't ever give up breakaways to other teams, so people have just forgotten how forceful his defense can be. Plus, we hate him now, amirite?