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NBA Finals: Game Two Live-Blog -- Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder

James Harden just keeps bringing it. He's now responsible for 56% of their 25 points, but the Heat continue to swarm everyone else and are turning ever inch of space the Thunder give them into points.

Wade (who spells his name D-w-y-a-n-e, weird right?) actually remembered to contribute during the first half, something he's frankly sucked at doing for the last two weeks and is pacing Miami with 11 points. Heat lead 37-29 but, judging by this crowd, you'd think it was OKC that was winning.

The big story of the second quarter so far has been that LeBron, Kevin Durant, and Russell Westbrook have all seen pine time with two fouls. The refs have gotta be reluctant to put the three biggest stars in the game in foul trouble, so it'll be interesting to see how the game gets called from here on out.

Side note: Shane Battier shoots threes like a middle-schooler who's not strong enough to get the ball to the hoop normally. Huge gathering process and deep knee bend leading into an eager jump towards the rim. It ain't pretty to watch, but he's 3-4 from behind the arc so far.