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NBA Finals: Game Two Live-Blog -- Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder

Sorry for the delay in getting started, was having trouble getting everything formatted* but I seem to have it figured out now. I'm joining you during the final minute of the first quarter, and Miami is suffocating the Thunder, 25-12.

*I was actually having trouble choosing which beer would accompany these posts. Went with Alimony Ale. Nice hoppy number with the best tag line in the business: "It's irreconcilably different!"

A quick recap: LeBron James (8 points), Dwyane Wade (7 points) and Chris Bosh (4 points) are all off to great starts and the Thunder's jumpers aren't falling. In fact, James Harden (10 points) is the only one making any sort of an impact for OKC. See, that's the thing about the Thunder, they're a jump-shooting team and, although they're probably the best jump-shooting team in the NBA, they don't have reliable interior offense to fall back on when those Js aren't going down.

First quarter just ended with Miami leading 27-15. Non-Harden Thunders are just 2-16 from the field.