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Jamie Moyer Interviewed About Signing With Baltimore Orioles

The remarkable run of pitcher Jamie Moyer rolls on. Moyer landed on another MLB team when the Baltimore Orioles scooped him up. At 49 years old, Moyer is the oldest presence in a baseball clubhouse, and is likely to be among the most decorated pitchers in Major League Baseball history.

Moyer talked a little bit about what it meant to be signed by Baltimore, about how things went in Colorado, and about being old. Because in baseball terms he's an ancient Chinese junk ship.

After the jump, you can see his answer to the question of what it means to still be pitching.

I wonder if you are going to break that record too?

"It’s not about breaking records. It’s about trying to bring something to a team and I caught the tail end of last callers information and he does make some sense, but it’s about what each player brings to a team, whether they are free agents or they are home grown and you gotta bring something to a team and that’s my goal to try to bring something to this ball club, but I have to prove my health and my worth at this point. It’s a great opportunity. I’m looking forward to it."

Check out the full interview by clicking here and listening to the audio.

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