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NBA In Seattle: Kings Move To Anaheim Would Be Rejected, Owners Want To Stay In Sacramento

The city of Seattle desperately wants to bring an NBA franchise back to town, but it appears they have limited options for potential suitors. The Sacramento Kings are facing a mess of an ownership situation, and it's anyones guess at this point whether or not they stay or leave town.

In addition to Seattle, the city of Anaheim has been linked to the Kings in relocation talks these last few months. According to this report though, it appears a move to southern California is out of the question.

We've all heard that the Maloof family -- the owners of the Kings -- want to keep the franchise in Sacramento, but that might all be hot air. Seattle could become a very appealing destination for the Maloofs should they get a new arena built, and the news of Anaheim reportedly being out as far as relocation spots go is good news for those living up north.

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