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206 Clicks: 'Go Miami Heat!' Says Every Seattle Sonics Fan

The NBA finals begin Tuesday night, and I challenge you to find someone in the city of Seattle rooting for the Oklahoma City Thunder. You will likely have a difficult time. Go Miami. Go LeBron James. Go Heat. Danny O'Neil shares his thoughts in the Seattle Times, while Jerry Brewer shares his at Sports Illustrated. Lastly, Seattle-based author Doug Merlino pens his thoughts on the NBA Finals.

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  • Sign the petition supporting the building of a new arena for the Sonics at the official Sonics Arena page. P.S. big rally happening at Occident Park this Thursday, mark your calendars.
  • Happy Felix Day! King Felix returns to the mound on Tuesday night against the Padres. Lookout Landing examines his mechanics and his velocity issues.
  • Lakes HS hired Bellarmine Prep assistant basketball coach Nick Jensen as their head coach as reported by the Tacoma News Tribune on Monday.
  • "Troy" Wroten interviews with HoopsWorld at the NBA combine last week:

Troy Wroten: 2012 NBA Draft Combine (via hoopsworld)