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206 Clicks: Mariners Serious About Batting Practice, Vargas Is Underrated

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Thursday's Seattle sports news cycle slowed down after a busy Wednesday, but here are a few worthwhile links:

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  • Sports Illustrated polled 293 players in the MLB asking them which pitchers are the most underrated. A few notables: No. 2 Doug Fister, No. 8 Jamie Moyer, No. 10 Felix Hernandez and No. 13 Jason Vargas. How is Felix Hernandez underrated? And does anybody miss Doug Fister? I do.
  • King 5's Chris Egan interviews Justin Smoak after his breakout offensive performance on Wednesday.
  • The spring/summer high school basketball season kicks off this Friday at the annual Quaker Summer Slam. Hosted at Franklin HS, Rainier Beach HS and Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club, this year's tournament features just about every top high school program in the state. Check out the full bracket and coaches' packet here. I'll be at a few of the Friday night games at Rainier Vista and a couple of other games throughout the weekend.
  • Here is a sick highlight tape of Isaiah Thomas' rookie season for the Sacramento Kings:

Isaiah Thomas - Fast Lane (via SanFranciscoWarriors)