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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Tony Wroten A Possible Second Round Pick?

Presswire's latest mock draft has the Golden State Warriors taking Tony Wroten early in the second round at No. 35 overall. Currently, most mock drafts have Wroten as a late first round pick, but the possibility of Wroten slipping to the second round is not a far-fetched idea.

Washington Huskies fans witnessed several of Wroten's shortcomings as a basketball player, most notably, his inconsistent jump shot. At the same time, Wroten is considered by some observers to not be a pure point guard even though he may have the best court vision in the 2012 draft class' group of point guards.

Wroten has a little under a month to raise his draft stock and solidify a first round selection. Along with improving his jump shot, he needs to work on finishing with his right hand and taking care of the basketball.

Here is a snippet of Wroten's scouting report from

Great size and strength for a point guard ... Excellent crossover, change of pace dribble, and first step make him near impossible to prevent from reaching the basket ... Finishes well in traffic, while being able to adjust his shot in the air

Being picked in the second round is a scenario Wroten wants to avoid, but NBA teams may end up passing on him if they feel he is too big of a risk.

For more on Wroten's time as a Husky, check out UW Dawg Pound.