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Matt Hasselbeck or Jake Locker? ESPN Debates Which QB Should Start In Tennessee

Even though both of these men no longer play football in the pacific northwest, they will always be a place in the heart's of football fans of Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker. Now these two are competing for the starting position with the Tennessee Titans, but who's the better choice?

ESPN's Paul Kuharsky took it upon himself to hash out some of the talking points, and see who really is the top QB in Tennessee.

Kuharsky admits that the veteran Hasselbeck has to bee seen as the favorite going in, especially with his significant amount of experience as an NFL quarterback and a decent season last year. But, Locker could find himself atop the depth chart if a few things happen:

I believe, ultimately, it will take one of three things for Locker to get the starting job:

A tremendous training camp and preseason paired with poor play by Hasselbeck, an injury to Hasselbeck, or a gut feeling from Munchak and offensive coordinator Chris Palmer that it's time to turn to the QB of the future.

If Locker impresses this summer he could certainly make the leash a lot shorter for Hasselbeck next season, but that is of course if he can stay healthy. Locker is their man moving forward, though it may take a little more time before he gets his chance.

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