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Seahawks Offseason 2012: Duece Lutui Goes To Vegan-Based Diet

Seattle Seahawks newcomer Deuce Lutui knows a little something about eating, you don't become an offensive lineman in the NFL without that knowledge. But it's not just stuffing your face, it's eating smart, which Lutui has done by going to an almost completely vegan diet.

"A lot of people wouldn't call it vegan, but as the vegan concept goes, it is something I eat pretty much vegan throughout the week," Lutui said over the phone Tuesday."I've been at this for four months, and so I've lost tremendous weight."

Lutui still eats lean meat like chicken and fish a few times a week for protein purposes, though the Tongan born 29-year old knows that this is what will keep him in the game as long as possible. He weighed in at 396 when he reported at USC where his weight fluctuated immensely, but now is down to a svelt 340, making him much more agile while still being able to throw his weight around as well.

"It has always been a part of me to play big," Lutui said. "I had to humble myself to see what coaches are seeing out there."

Lutui has committed to make this change for not only his playing career, but his health in general, noting that he's still got the best years ahead of him.

"I am stepping into my prime. I haven't even yet scratched he surface of that. I am so optimistic about this year as far as my training has been. I can't wait to prove to this organization who I am and who they are getting."

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