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On Pete Carroll and Giggling Like a Schoolgirl

On April 16th, about two weeks prior to the NFL Draft, Peter King, in his weekly MMQB column, wrote: "And you can write this down: If Tannehill were to be there at 12, Seattle would take him, even though the Seahawks just paid medium dollar for Matt Flynn in free agency. That's how much Seattle loves him. "At Tannehill's workout,'' one source told me, "[coach] Pete Carroll was giggling like a schoolgirl watching him throw."

Pete Carroll, appearing on the Kevin Calabro show this week, doesn't remember it quite like that, noting:
"Well, first off, I don't know who the guy is that wrote that and I don't know what giggling like that would look like. I can't imagine how he interpreted that. I might have been having fun with John Schneider, telling some stories or something like that but it wasn't about the workout. So that's a bunch of garbage."

This 'story' really has no bearing on anything and we'll never really know if King would have been proven right or wrong about his 'write this down' prediction of the Seahawks taking Ryan Tannehill, but I just thought this episode does a good job of demonstrating how silly the run up to the NFL Draft has become. We now know two things - Pete Carroll wasn't in fact giggling like a school girl about Tannehill's abilities, and two, Pete Carroll doesn't really like being described as a giggling schoolgirl.