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Seahawks Among Non-Playoff Teams Poised To Make A Push

The optimism isn't just in Seattle. Pundits around the league see the same momentum building in Seattle as the Seahawks continue to work earnestly to improve their 7-9 ballclub.

As CBS Sportsline's Clark Judge points out, the Seahawks have continued to build a defense to rival the San Francisco 49ers' defense, the one team standing in the way of the Seahawks in the NFC West. While the defense continues to build upon itself, the offense is what kept the Seahawks from truly contending last year but they feel like they've rectified those issues with the signing of quarterback Matt Flynn. Run the ball with Marshawn Lynch, play good defense and make the occasional big play in the passing game. That formula sounds just like the Niners and there is nothing wrong with that.

Something else Judge pointed out was that four of the Seahawks' first five opponents this season didn't have a winning record last season

Now, Judge isn't completely sold on Flynn. He sees risks in his lack of experience. But it's his only concern. If he can be solid, then the Seahawks' improvements in other areas will make them a well-rounded team capable of making the playoffs.

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