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Jamie Moyer Is Old, Here's a List Of Things Younger Than Him

Kudos to Denver Westword for coming up with one of the most creative, funny and true lists of the year, "49 things younger than 49-year-old Rockies pitcher Jamie Moyer." The publication also ran a feature story on the former Seattle Mariner last Tuesday.

Moyer holds a 4.01 ERA for the Colorado Rockies through six starts. Now in his 24th season, Moyer's age has been a feel good story around the major leagues, not just because he's old, but because he's actually finding success on the mound.

On April 17th, Moyer became the oldest pitcher ever to win a game in the major leagues in the Rockies 5-3 victory over the San Diego Padres.

See some of the interesting things that are younger than baseball's most famous "seasoned" veteran.

Jamie Moyer was born on November 18th, 1962:

  • Contact Lenses (1965)
  • Pong, the first video game (1971)
  • Eight current MLB managers
  • The Denver Nuggets (1967)
  • The Colorado Rockies (1993)
See the full list here at Denver Westword.

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