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Seahawks Draft Pick Of Bruce Irvin Analyzed By Greg Cosell

The Seattle Seahawks made one of the more unconventional pick in the 2012 NFL Draft by taking West Virginia defensive end Bruce Irvin with their first round pick. Irvin provides more of that speedy and athletic profile that Pete Carroll loves to see from his players. With Seattle likely facing an uphill climb to chase San Francisco in the NFC West, upgrading defense is a priority to make sure they can win in the trenches.

Greg Cosell of files this report, and he shows why Irvin fits for what the Seahawks are looking for. Seattle needs to get a better pass rush to beat the best quarterbacks in the league, and Irvin provides that type of talent.

Let’s discuss Irvin the player, and place him in the context of NFL 2012. It could easily be argued based on tape study that Irvin was the most explosive edge pass rusher in the draft. Think about that for a minute. The most important defensive priority in today’s NFL is rushing the quarterback. You can go all the way back to Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh in the 1980s; Walsh, always a step ahead, said that fourth quarter pass rush was the key to winning. His theory has evolved to the point where it encompasses all four quarters. Thus, the Seahawks selected a player with explosive attributes at a premium position.

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