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Phoenix Coyotes Sold To Local Businessman, Not Moving To Seattle

The Seattle-area has been attempting to build a new arena to bring back an NBA franchise as well as an NHL club, but on the NHL side the Phoenix Coyotes can be crossed off the list as they are reportedly being sold to Greg Jamsion who plans to keep the team in Phoenix.

There is a press conference schedules with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman prior to Monday night's playoff game between the Coyote and Nashville Predators to announce that the deal has been completed.

With the Seattle Freight Advisory Board already trying slowing down the process for a new arena, and now add that the Coyotes will be staying in Phoenix, this will likely slow down the current progress even more of building a new arena.

One of the main sticking points in building a new arena in Seattle is to have a team first move to the area before anything would be built, so now the focus goes to a NBA team possibly moving back to Seattle for a new arean to be build.