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2012 Kentucky Derby Payouts: I'll Have Another To Win Pays $32, Exacta Pays $48,000

The 2012 Kentucky Derby has been run, and now that it is over the real issue comes to light: Whether you made money or lost money. The payouts, courtesy of Churchill Downs:

  • $2 on I'll Have Another to win / place / show: $32.60 / 13.80 / 9.00
  • $2 on Bodemeister to place / show: $6.20 / 5.60
  • $2 on Dullahan to show: $7.20
  • $2 on I'll Have Another / Bodemeister Exacta: $306.60
  • $1 on I'll Have another / Bodemeister / Dullahan Trifecta: $1532.80
  • $1 on I'll Have another / Bodemeister / Dullahan / Went The Day Well Exacta: $48,046.40

If you've got reason to celebrate, go ahead and spend some time doing that. If you don't, accept our condolences. Either way, after you're done head over to SB Nation's Horse Racing blog, And Down The Stretch They Come. With a little knowledge on your side, your next trip to the betting window may turn out better than you might hope.