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Seahawks Draft Pick Greg Scruggs' First Passion Was The Drums

With their final selection in this year's NFL Draft, the Seahawks selected an athletic and versatile defensive end/defensive tackle out of Louisville named Greg Scruggs. The Hawks really liked Scruggs' strength and speed, and his ability to play on the inside as a pass rushing 3-tech or on the outside as a speed defensive rush end gives his a great chance to catch onto the 53-man roster. Injuries are an inevitability in the NFL, and Scruggs' ability to fill in at different spots makes him valuable - and it's why John Schneider pointed him out in a post-draft press conference as one of the best 'value picks' the Seahawks made this year.

Interestingly though, Scruggs almost didn't play football at all. Until his senior year of high school, the 6'5, 275 pound man-child's passion was playing drums in the band. It wasn't until Scruggs realized that football could provide him an opportunity to go to college, that he joined his high school football team. Turns out that might've been a solid choice. Check out the video after the jump.