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NFL Power Rankings: Pete Carroll at #20 on the Coaches List

"Power Rankings" have become an American institution, and just because the offseason has barely started in earnest for NFL franchises, the pre-season 2012 Power Rankings have come out in force. The fine people over at the National Football Post did a spin on the normal power ranking format and applied them to NFL Head Coaches.

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, going into his third season back in the Pros after dominating at the college ranks for a decade, hits the charts at #20. Joe Fortenbaugh explains:

20. Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks: The former USC head coach has gone just 14-18 in two seasons with the Seahawks, but his first year did include a divisional crown and wildcard upset win over the then-defending champion New Orleans Saints. If free agent acquisition Matt Flynn lives up to expectations, Carroll could land in the top ten of these rankings by midseason.

Not surprisingly, the top seven coaches on this list also just happen to coach some of the best teams in the NFL. Success breeds respect and acclaim. That said, I think Fortenbaugh gives Carroll a better ranking than a lot would, considering the mediocre 14-18 record. As stated, Carroll led the Seahawks to the playoffs in his first season, upset the World Champs, and has added talent and enthusiasm to the franchise. If Matt Flynn can elevate his game, the Seahawks, and Carroll, might surprise some people in 2012.

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