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Seattle Freight Advisory Board Seeks To Slow Down Arena Process

In a report written by Chris Daniels of King 5 News, the Seattle Freight Advisory Board is asking for a more "thorough" examination of the potential traffic issues a new sports arena in the SODO district would cause.

The recent breakdown in talks between the Sacramento Kings and the city of Sacramento have Seattle sports fans more and more excited about the possibility of a new team. However, as made evident by this latest news update, there is opposition in the city of Seattle towards the arena plan led by Chris Hansen.

The San Francisco investor has already stated he will fund a comprehensive traffic study to address the potential issue raised by different parties including the Seattle Mariners organization.

Art Thiel from Sports Press NW interviewed Chris Hansen earlier this week and asked Hansen about the proposed study. Here was his response:

There's a dual obligation. It's my obligation to make sure that for this project, the pluses outweigh the minuses -- a net positive. And there's some obligation from me to be part of the discussion that resolves the longer-term issues facing the project.

And the city and county have an obligation. Pinning the entire (traffic mitigation) issue on me, I would say, is unfair. Pinning the broader issues that pre-dated me and will post-date me, is unfair. We would be one of many constituencies down there to figure it out.

Seattle is closer to regaining a team than it has ever been since 2008, but there is still much to be done and many questions to be answered before the Sonics are resurrected.