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Earl Thomas Among the Best Defensive Backs in the NFL?

In honor of the run-up to the London Olympics,'s Daniel Jeremiah has begun to put together a series of articles that attempt to look at each positional group and assign Gold, Silver, and Bronze for individual players. Not surprisingly, when it comes to defensive backs, New York Jets' CB Darrelle Revis sits on the highest platform, as Jeremiah explains:

Gold: Darrelle Revis, CB, New York Jets

Speaking with several different coaches and front-office executives, I found 100 percent agreement on Revis' status as the top defensive back in the NFL. Revis, who finished the 2011 season with four interceptions and 25 pass breakups, can completely neutralize his assigned wide receiver, allowing the Jets to get extremely creative with their coverage and blitz packages. He is just 26 years old and should continue to hold the top spot at his position for years to come.

There's no argument here - as stated, his ability to shut down opposing receivers is a complete game-changer, and the Jets defense can build around his ability. Revis is followed by Charles Woodson of the Packers and Ed Reed of the Ravens, but interestingly, Seahawks S Earl Thomas is listed with the 'others considered'. Like Revis, in my opinion, Thomas a game-changing type of player for the Seahawks, a player that opposing defensive coordinators and quarterbacks have to account for, gameplan for, and scheme for every week. The Seahawks certainly hope that Thomas, at some point in the next few years, is tops on a list just like this one.

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